Unlimited Product Categories and SmartCategories

Product categories are absolutely necessary for helping your customers find what they’re looking for. Properly categorized items make shopping easy and are great for sales. However, poorly-organized categories can turn customers away, so Shift4Shop makes it easy to use categories to your best advantage!

With Shift4Shop, you can specify an unlimited number of categories to organize your products. Additionally, you can utilize SmartCategories to automatically classify products based on specific criteria, such as New Releases, Sale Items, Free Shipping Items, or a keyword search. Your customers will be able to quickly and easily find the products that interest them.

Top Features

  • Unlimited product categories for superior organization
  • SmartCategories to dynamically categorize sale items, new releases, and more
  • Categories can be nested to create subcategories as needed


Shift4Shop’s Product Categories in Action

Shift4Shop’s Categories and SmartCategories Gallery

Categories and SmartCategories Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I make subcategories inside other categories?

Yes, you can designate subcategories and nest them inside other categories, creating a comprehensive category structure such as Clothing/Women’s/Pants/Jeans.

  • Can I upload my categories with a spreadsheet?

Yes, you can import categories from a CSV file. Instructions to do so are found at the Shift4Shop Knowledgebase: How do I import Categories via CSV?

  • Can I rename or otherwise change existing categories?

Yes, you can rename or alter details of your categories as needed. You can always find your categories under Products in the left-hand navigation of your Shift4Shop Online Store Builder.

Categories and SmartCategories Feature Testimonials

“I really love the SmartCategories especially because I don’t have to do much, and automatically all my sale items are together. I have customers that browse the On Sale category exclusively. Thanks to 3dcart that category is created automatically and ready to go, so those bargain-hunting customers are targeted with no extra input from me.”

May 16, 2017