Email-a-Friend Product Referral Feature

Shift4Shop makes it quick and easy for your customers to spread the word about your products, and one means of doing so is the Email a Friend feature! With a single click, a customer can inform a friend about an item, potentially earning you a new customer. It’s easy for the recipient too, as all they need to do is click a link in the email and they’ll be brought right to your store.

The Email a Friend feature is included free in every Shift4Shop store, and you have full editing access to customize the sent email to perfectly match your site and brand. Take advantage of this powerful sales tool.

Shift4Shop’s Email a Friend Feature Gallery


Email a Friend Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I customize the Email a Friend email template?

In your Shift4Shop Online Store Manager, click Settings, followed by Design, and then Emails. The template you are looking for is called Recommend a Friend. Click its Actions button and then click Edit.

  • What if I want to turn this feature off temporarily?

Go to Email a Friend in your list of Modules, and you will see the checkbox that enables and disables this feature.

  • Can I include a coupon in the recommendation email?

Yes! Since you can fully customize the email, you can add anything you wish, including coupon codes.


Email a Friend Feature Testimonials

“I always thought this was a cool feature for a store to have, and I was glad to see it in 3dcart. In fact the store already had it enabled from the beginning. I barely had to do anything, I only made some customizations to the email which were pretty easy to do. It works how I want it to. Easy.”

April 18, 2017