Make-an-Offer Price Haggling Feature

Customers love a good bargain, and what’s more of a bargain than letting them name their own price? Shift4Shop’s Make an Offer feature allows your customers to submit an offer when buying a product, which you can then accept or reject, or set to automatically approve if the offer is within your specified range. Bids that are too low will be automatically be rejected by default— the module takes care of everything.

You can enable Make an Offer on specific products that you want your customers to be able to bid on. They can bid by clicking the Make an Offer button and entering their offered price, contact information, and an optional comment. Increase sales and customer engagement, appeal to shoppers’ bargaining sense, and gain an advantage over your competition with this handy app.

Top Features

  • Choose whether to automatically approve offers that meet your criteria
  • Define the lowest acceptable offer through a percentage or a price limit
  • Optionally require customers to register and log in to make offers


Shift4Shop’s Make an Offer Feature in Action


Shift4Shop’s Make an Offer Feature Gallery


Make an Offer Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I customize the look of the Make an Offer form?

Yes! You can customize the appearance of the entire form in your Shift4Shop Online Store Builder.

  • How long do automatically approved offers stay valid?

You can configure this in the settings under Make an Offer in the Modules page by clicking Change Settings. The default is 48 hours before an approved offer expires and the customer cannot claim it. If the offer expires, the customer will need to make another.

  • How do I activate Make an Offer?

Under Modules in your Shift4Shop Online Store Builder, locate Make an Offer and click Change Settings. In this screen, you can turn the module on or off and customize other options.


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