Sell Products in Fractional Quantities

For some types of products, it’s rare for an entire unit to be sold at one time. For example, an online fabric store is far more likely to sell cloth by the yard or foot rather than selling it by the bolt. Wiring components, housewares, custom mixed paint, and many more products are also frequently sold in fractional quantities. If you sell items like these, you’re in need of a tool to ensure you can properly sell them as intended on your store, without having to opt for custom programming or an expensive third-party app to make it possible.

Shift4Shop has a built-in Fractional Quantities feature you can fully customize to fit the exact needs of your products and business. Specify minimum and maximum quantities as necessary for each product, set fractional limits that round up to the next acceptable quantity, specify exact amounts for the customer to choose from, and more. You can even give your customers absolute freedom to pick a quantity themselves. It’s all up to you and what you need for your store!

Top Features

  • Add the ability to purchase Fractional Quantities of any product, as needed.
  • Allow open quantities completely controlled by the customer, or limit them by multiples of a base amount or by pre-defined numbers.
  • Freely set minimum and maximum quantities that work with any of the quantity selection methods you use.


Shift4Shop’s Fractional Quantities Feature Gallery


Fractional Quantities Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I get Fractional Quantities on my online store?

Unlike other eCommerce platforms, Shift4Shop has Fractional Quantities built in for all store owners with no extra purchase needed. Simply go to the “Advanced” Tab on any product in your Shift4Shop Online Store Manager, check to enable the feature and define your needed quantities.

  • What are Open Fractional Quantities?

Open Fractional Quantities are the simplest method for selling custom quantities of a product. This setting adds a field to the Product Page where a customer can enter the exact amount they want to purchase. You can leave the quantity open and still limit a minimum and maximum amount by setting these in the product’s Advanced tab, and leaving the “Allow only multiples” box unchecked.

  • How can I limit Fractional Quantities?

There are two ways to limit Fractional Quantities: you can force the customer’s entered quantity to round up to the next multiple of the minimum amount by checking the “Allow only multiples” box mentioned above, or you can set predefined quantities for customers to select from a dropdown menu. Use the method that works best for your business’s needs.

Fractional Quantities Testimonials

“Selling fabric online used to be hard, but thanks to 3dcart it’s easy for me now. I have some fabrics that I sell only by the yard, while for others I can sell them by the half-yard or less. Plus I also sell cording and yarn, which I measure completely differently. I’ve never before used a feature for fractional quantities that was so simple and customizable, so I can set each product up exactly how it needs to be, not to mention it’s included free in the software!”

Anonymous April 9, 2020